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How Working Remotely Helped Me Live My Best Life

by Daniela Sesma, on October 24, 2016

Back in March I made what was going be the biggest decision of my year when I took a position at Wings4U, a company with remote working at its core. Before that, I was working at an advertising agency, doing crazy hours and never seeing daylight. I was having an existential crisis roughly every two months! “What am I doing with my life?” I asked myself, “is this worth all the time I’m spending here?” I wondered when something cool and adventurous would happen. I didn’t know what life had in store.

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Meet Asta Kurulyte, our new EMEA Production Manager

by Matej Bacovsky, on October 19, 2016

We're thrilled to welcome Asta Kurulyte to our team! Asta will be our new Production Manager looking after EMEA production. Part of our B2B marketing agency in Europe, it’s a regional role with global implications. At Wings4U, our artists are our strength. Asta brings a wealth of project management and inbound marketing experience with her.

We took a few minutes to find out what makes Asta tick.

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Three Tips to Kick Start your Global B2B Marketing

by Sandra Bakker, on October 17, 2016

We live in a hyper-connected world. With online searches and social media sharing, brands are crossing borders faster than companies can keep up. The internet has no boundaries and neither should you.

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How To Identify A Pain Point and Turn It Into An Opportunity

by Liane Ng, on October 17, 2016

One reason some businesses are more successful than others is because they find and connect with their target personas consistently. Their marketing and sales reach out to the right audience with higher purchasing potential, because the product or service offered connects with their needs – it addresses a pain point.

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Build amazing customer stories in four easy steps

by Chhavi Porwal, on October 10, 2016

Customer stories are all about getting to know your target audience well, figuring out their pain points and sharing how you’ve solved these problems before. This acts as a selling point to potential customers. We found the best way was to treat them as a body, from head to toe. Here’s how to build one in four easy steps:

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How to Localise Your Global B2B Marketing Content in the Digital Era

by Michele Hackshall, on October 10, 2016

Localisation of B2B marketing content for markets abroad has become more than just translation. In this digital era, new technologies like predictive analytics and machine learning let marketers observe the nuances of buyer behaviour - enabling them to target buyers at just the right time.

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How to Survive a Cross-Cultural Business Environment

by Michele Hackshall, on October 10, 2016

Topics: Productivity

A big part of my job (which I enjoy immensely), is working with people from all around the world.

I often catch up with clients via video calls to learn about what’s happening in their territory. Each one faces different challenges or focuses on separate strategies for their region.

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Why A Great Customer Evidence Story Is Life-Changing For Your B2B Business

by Sandra Bakker, on October 5, 2016

Customer reviews are transforming marketing strategies, and it’s fair to say that marketers no longer have full control over their product’s branding. Market research and our own experience with our clients show that enterprise buyers are increasingly valuing and searching for transparent and unbiased information on your products and services. What this means is, they are no longer browsing through your website and pricing pages to form an opinion, but are actually looking to find information written by other users about their experience and thoughts on your brand, on third-party websites and alternative channels.

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How to Scale a Global B2B Marketing Program: Twitter Case Study

by Teena Jelsma, on October 4, 2016

Developing and managing successful global B2B marketing programs is a challenge for any company. How do you balance local cultural relevance with economies of scale and global messaging? Here are some important success factors to consider based on my experience of rolling out and executing a global B2B marketing program for Twitter.

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How to Get Answers to Your Emails

by Teena Jelsma, on October 3, 2016

Topics: Productivity


The nature of business emails may change depending on your working situation, but some things remain constant – there will be times when you really need a reply to your email. Some people regularly have hundreds of unread emails waiting for them. To avoid your email being scanned and left unanswered, it better be super easy to reply to, or super hard to ignore. Marking an email as ‘high importance’ just doesn't cut it anymore. It’s all about communication – the most highly valued business skill today.

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