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How Customer Stories Support Other Advocacy Activities

Customer Advocacy is a must-have for any company that wants to build trust or strengthen its position in the market. Therefore, most already have at least a few customer stories – or case studies – published on their website.

For many, that’s it. The content was produced, they’re happy about it, the customer liked it, they promote it on their different platforms, and they move on. However, there is so much more to be done in the advocacy world and with the stories that were created. Here are a few simple ways in which a customer story created can support many other activities and content:


Compilation of your stories
If you have enough customer stories created, find a common field – such as the product or service, the industry, size of the company, region, etc. – and compile them into a content piece with that narrative. 
Not only it’s a nice way to highlight some of your best stories for one area in a digestible way and without people needing to search for them separately, but it’s also a great way to show that the product or solution doesn’t help only one kind of people or companies. 


Name drop
The primary goal of a customer story is to showcase a real-life example of people and companies that achieved success with the help of your products or services, so this one should be the most obvious, and yet still crucial to mention. 
A customer story isn’t a simple content asset, it’s an experience to share. Never stop at just a name drop of the companies that are your clients without any background information, thinking that’d be enough proof. Share stories of individuals within that company and explain how this experience can help or inspire others as well. 


Sales presentations and communications

We all know sellers need support in showcasing the references available. Creating the logo slides or compilation would be helpful for any seller to quickly adapt their presentation and include the customer stories for their prospect. 


eBook integration

Whether focused on your solution or your target audience, industry, or market, when creating an eBook, a lot goes into the content. You need to demonstrate know-how and impact to be able to influence the reader to want to know more. 
If you have stories within the target of that eBook - well then, having your customer stories and references included there and linked will allow you to showcase the real-life examples and make it easier for the viewer to trust you. 


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