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Sunny Skills: Boost Your Customer Advocacy Game This Summer


Want to make the most of your summer break for your professional development? We've rounded up the essential skills every Customer Advocacy Professional should focus on. Find out how these skills can prepare you for your next challenge or help you handle everyday tasks more effectively. Plus, we suggest some fantastic free online courses you will want to take advantage of!


Customer success, cameras, actions


59% of startup founders would rather watch a video than read text. Engaging, effective, and memorable video stories show real people and tell an inspiring story. This format is perfect for events, embedded or linked to from sales pitch decks, or as part of the prospects web journey. 


Creative storytelling in customer evidence


Customer evidence is at the intersection of all styles of stories: It is factual yet emotional, and reportive yet creative. In this article, we explore the intricate art of crafting compelling and authentic customer success stories, providing key pointers to enhance your storytelling prowess.


Enhancing Your Customers' Video Testimonials: A Guide to Professional Self-Recording


As a customer marketing agency, we understand the significance of authentic video testimonials in showcasing the positive experiences of our clients. However, we've encountered challenges when receiving videos that we sadly had to dismiss due to poor quality. We've compiled a set of self-recording practices to address this issue and empower our clients to create impactful video testimonials effortlessly. 


100+ countries & 30 languages in 1 program


Embarking on the journey of expanding a customer reference program to over 100 countries, each with its unique cultural tapestry and 30 different languages, is an exciting adventure. Success in this endeavor hinges on crafting a centralized strategy that not only celebrates linguistic diversity but also respects cultural nuances, ensuring an impactful and consistent customer experience. Let's dive into the essential steps to centralize a global customer evidence program.


All Aboard: Navigating the Importance of Ongoing Training in a Customer-Centric Culture


Change often ushers in feelings of fear and uncertainty, triggering defensive reactions that can lead to resistance. In the realm of organizational cultural transformation, employees often are afraid of not being capable of accomplishing the new tasks, roles, or behaviors required. To tackle these reactions head-on, training on the requisite skills becomes vital, diminishing the perceived insecurity and fear associated with the demand for change.


9 Gift Ideas for Your Clients


You want to innovate but need help to think of an original idea. On top of that, your schedule is hectic, the budget is tight, and you need to avoid compliance issues. Choosing a gift that exceeds your customer's expectations is a challenging task. That's why, from Wings4U, we bring you nine ideas that not only align with regulatory compliance but also follow the trends of 2024: hyper-personalization and sustainability.

Do you want to discover gifts that leave a lasting impression? Keep reading!


Communication as the Foundation of Customer-Centric Culture


Adopting a customer-centric culture, like any cultural transformation, is a deep, dynamic, and continuous process that requires the active participation of the entire organization. Having the support of the board of directors and building a team of change agents will not guarantee success. On this journey, communication becomes the backbone that supports each step towards a customer-centric culture.


Empowering Team Leaders: Forming Key Teams for Transformation


Yes! You got it! If you read this article, you got the board on board. Congratulations! As we reviewed in the previous article, the support of the executive directors is crucial to a successful customer-centric culture adoption because, throughout their decisions, they exemplify the path to follow for the rest of the company. Now that you have achieved this significant step, it is time to form a team of change leaders.


Executive Support: The Cornerstone of a Customer-Centric Culture


In the previous article, we learned about the importance of creating a solid customer-centric culture in order to maximize the potential of your Customer Advocacy Program, and we anticipate that the role of the board of directors in this cultural change is substantial. 

In this article, we will explore two main topics: on the one hand, why the board's role is crucial when talking about change management, and on the other hand, how to gain their support to ensure that the entire organization focuses on adopting a customer-centric culture.

Let's begin!


Customer evidence: 12 tips to get more nominations & publish more customer stories

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