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Key Aspects for a Shining Customer Story


In the world of business, success stories aren't just inspiring tales – they're powerful tools that can influence potential customers and partners. While at the same time is an unique opportunity to give your best customers a place to shine. A well-crafted case study or customer story can be the beacon that guides others toward your product or service. But what truly sets a case study apart and makes it shine? Let's dive into the key aspects that can transform an ordinary customer story into a captivating masterpiece.


Is your organization ready for a Customer Evidence program? Checklist


Are you considering implementing a Customer Evidence program but you’re not sure if you’re ready or not? The following provides you with some clear prerequisites you need to have in place before you start.


The Algebra of CAB Success


I thought I’d finally proven every one of my math teachers wrong.

“Pay attention!” they’d say, “because no matter what you do in life, you’re going to use algebra.”. But does this apply to me, since I work in marketing? Not digital marketing or market research, but something so qualitative that there was no way I would ever need algebra: Customer engagement. I facilitated executive briefings. No math is involved there. I set up executive sponsorship programs. Nothing but addition, subtraction and statistics in that. And I built and ran customer advisory boards. Math-free? Not so fast…

I learned that launching Customer Advisory Boards requires knowledge of three -- until now -- little-known mathematical concepts. With apologies to Pythagoras, Euclid, and my 8th-grade algebra teacher, Mr Fitz-Randolph, here are three mathematical concepts that will help you set your CAB up for success.


Exploring Customer Advocacy Operational Models: Characteristics and Benefits


In today's competitive business landscape, customer advocacy plays a crucial role in establishing trust, attracting new customers, and driving revenue growth. To harness the power of customer advocacy effectively, companies can adopt different operational models to manage their customer advocacy programs. In this article, we will explore four distinct customer advocacy operational models: the Evidence Program Model, the Reference Desk Model, the Community Focused Model, and the Proactive Model. Each model has its unique characteristics, benefits, and challenges. Let's delve into each one:

Unravelling the Key Differences: Customer Marketing, Customer Advocacy, Customer Reference, and Customer Evidence

Customer-centric approaches in business have become increasingly essential for success. Understanding the distinctions between customer marketing, customer advocacy, customer reference, and customer evidence is vital for companies to effectively prioritize tactics. This article will explore the key differences, provide examples, and offer insights to help your business develop strong relationships with your customers. We’ll also share practical tips for marketing professionals to excel in each area.

Master customer evidence: 4 common challenges and how to overcome them

In this article, Matias discusses the challenges faced by customer marketers in building an effective content strategy and provides solutions to tackle them. Have you heard sellers complain that customer stories are too long? Do they say your stories are not addressing specific questions asked by prospects? Do you struggle to source enough customer nominations? Do sellers struggle to find customer stories? If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above, read on to find the solutions. 

As a customer marketer, you’ll face many challenges in your quest to build the most effective content strategy. Let’s look at the most common ones and how you can successfully tackle them:

Top Questions to Ask When Selecting an Advocacy Platform

Customer Advocacy Reporting: a Robust Foundation for Your Advocacy Program

Advocacy Programs are often underestimated in their complexity. However, with the right reporting strategy, you can easily show the value of your Advocacy Program to your team and stakeholders. In this article, Iulia shares a step-by-step guide on how to build a comprehensive reporting base, from creating a list of data points to refining and improving your reporting structure. Say goodbye to time-sucking methods and unreliable reporting, and get ready to take your Advocacy Program to the next level.


Customer Advocacy Reporting: the Story Behind the Numbers

Are you tired of presenting numbers to stakeholders who just don't seem to get what any of it means? Maybe it's time to up your storytelling game. In this article, Iulia shares tips on how to create engaging, impactful reports that clearly communicate the value of your customer advocacy program. From empathizing with your audience to providing context and action plans, Iulia covers the key elements of a successful report that tells a story. So, whether you use a sophisticated reporting tool or a simple spreadsheet, you can showcase the impact of your advocacy program and inspire others to join in. Ready to take your reporting to the next level? Read on to learn more.


The essentials of an effective customer journey

Customer evidence: 12 tips to get more nominations & publish more customer stories

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