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Matias Vivone

Passionate about Marketing and Technology. The Beatles and soccer fan.

Recent Posts by Matias Vivone:

Measuring what matters. ABC of Measurement Planning

by Matias Vivone, on February 28, 2019

Let’s imagine you’re in charge of your company’s Customer Evidence Program, and the end of tax year is looming. As usual, your boss asks “How did your program perform this year?” as a prelude to next year’s budget planning. Now, do you have meaningful info to answer that question?  

If you’re already running a CE Program, I’ll give you 10 seconds to respond. If you have a great answer please put it on the comments, otherwise I hope this article will spare you some headaches.

If you’re not running a program yet, please read on, you won’t regret it. And by the way, have you already contacted Melis Hamurculu, our CE expert for a free consultation? 

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5 Fs You and I Are Looking for When Hiring

by Matias Vivone, on September 15, 2017

Topics: Remote Work

Interviews are a complex and potentially stressful process for both sides, the candidate and the recruiter. A misunderstanding could end up in as a lost opportunity. This can create such a tense scenario that both parts begin to overstate or understate some things.

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One Day in the Digital Life

by Matias Vivone, on March 23, 2017

Is your life intertwined with the digital world? If your answer is no, you are probably not considering all the interactions you have with the digital universe every single hour, so keep reading. If your answer is yes, you will feel the same vibe as me, so keep reading.

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The growth is real when it is shared

by Matias Vivone, on January 3, 2017


One year ago, just after Christmas and before New Year I remember the relief for the holidays and the big anxiety for the vacations after an exhausting year. 4 months later, I had the chance to join Wings4U. After 6 years working for the same company, it wasn't an easy decision for me, that’s for sure. As if that wasn’t out of my comfort zone enough, I would be working remotely! What did that even mean? Come on! I didn’t believe there could be a company without any offices - was this a joke?

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