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The Algebra of CAB Success


I thought I’d finally proven every one of my math teachers wrong.

“Pay attention!” they’d say, “because no matter what you do in life, you’re going to use algebra.”. But does this apply to me, since I work in marketing? Not digital marketing or market research, but something so qualitative that there was no way I would ever need algebra: Customer engagement. I facilitated executive briefings. No math is involved there. I set up executive sponsorship programs. Nothing but addition, subtraction and statistics in that. And I built and ran customer advisory boards. Math-free? Not so fast…

I learned that launching Customer Advisory Boards requires knowledge of three -- until now -- little-known mathematical concepts. With apologies to Pythagoras, Euclid, and my 8th-grade algebra teacher, Mr Fitz-Randolph, here are three mathematical concepts that will help you set your CAB up for success.


4 Steps to Scaling Your Company to a New Market

If you’ve determined that your current market is getting too saturated or too small for your needs, international expansion may sound like a logical next step. It is also a big step into the unknown, which is why you should learn what to focus on before scaling internationally.

How legal barriers can disrupt your foreign market entry?

When your global scaling plan goes wrong, there are usually ways to overcome whatever difficulties you’re facing, but legal obstacles are the one thing you can’t work your way around. Failure to comply with the law can lead to large fines or even company shutdown. Researching market legalities before scaling should be high on your priority list.

Why cultural sensitivity is important aspect of global marketing strategy?

An avid traveler will learn about the local customs before visiting any country, to keep safe and avoid misunderstandings. Companies that plan on scaling to a new market should do the same — there is a cultural ruleset to follow, and ignoring it can have grave consequences. What are the sensitive cultural spots when talking about global marketing?

3 Epic (but avoidable) Mistakes Made by SaaS Companies When Expanding Internationally

The cold hard fact about startups is that 9 out of 10 will fail. In such a fight against the odds, knowledge is power. Countless companies have shut their doors due to failed expansions, but the best we can do is recognize where things went wrong and learn from their mistakes. Read about 3 informative examples of startup expansion plans gone pear-shaped.

The 5 biggest mistakes businesses make while scaling internationally

 One hour from now, there will be 11,000 more companies in the world. The harsh reality of 3 new businesses being launched every second makes the fight for market supremacy harder than ever, which is why so many startup companies decide to scale globally. What are the 5 most common mistakes companies can make with their global marketing?

The Cultural Aspects of Global Marketing Localization


The challenges of international expansion lie in finding the way to customize your content and strategy to a new audience. We talked about some significant cultural aspects like language and sensitive topics  in previous posts, but now we want to focus on some less obvious cultural differences that can affect the success of your marketing campaigns.

5 Mistakes Made by Businesses in Their Content Marketing Efforts

We’re constantly learning, often from our mistakes. Over time, as we’ve collaborated with marketing professionals representing a variety of businesses, from huge corporations to growing startups and just about everything in between, we’ve seen a lot. These marketing professionals live and breathe their passion and will stop at nothing to reach the goals that have been set — internally and externally.

Customer evidence: 12 tips to get more nominations & publish more customer stories

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