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59% of startup founders would rather watch a video than read text. Engaging, effective, and memorable video stories show real people and tell an inspiring story. This format is perfect for events, embedded or linked to from sales pitch decks, or as part of the prospects web journey. 


Creative storytelling in customer evidence


Customer evidence is at the intersection of all styles of stories: It is factual yet emotional, and reportive yet creative. In this article, we explore the intricate art of crafting compelling and authentic customer success stories, providing key pointers to enhance your storytelling prowess.


Enhancing Your Customers' Video Testimonials: A Guide to Professional Self-Recording


As a customer marketing agency, we understand the significance of authentic video testimonials in showcasing the positive experiences of our clients. However, we've encountered challenges when receiving videos that we sadly had to dismiss due to poor quality. We've compiled a set of self-recording practices to address this issue and empower our clients to create impactful video testimonials effortlessly. 


100+ countries & 30 languages in 1 program


Embarking on the journey of expanding a customer reference program to over 100 countries, each with its unique cultural tapestry and 30 different languages, is an exciting adventure. Success in this endeavor hinges on crafting a centralized strategy that not only celebrates linguistic diversity but also respects cultural nuances, ensuring an impactful and consistent customer experience. Let's dive into the essential steps to centralize a global customer evidence program.


Unleashing the potential of customer marketing


Customer marketing is an integral part of any successful business strategy. By nurturing and leveraging existing customer relationships, companies can unlock untapped potential for growth.


How Customer Success Stories Can Benefit Your Business


Customer success stories are the hidden gems of a thriving B2B business, showcasing real-world examples of how your products or services have made a tangible impact on clients. By sharing these stories, you can build credibility, inspire trust, and effectively communicate your value proposition to potential customers.


Key Aspects for a Shining Customer Story


In the world of business, success stories aren't just inspiring tales – they're powerful tools that can influence potential customers and partners. While at the same time is an unique opportunity to give your best customers a place to shine. A well-crafted case study or customer story can be the beacon that guides others toward your product or service. But what truly sets a case study apart and makes it shine? Let's dive into the key aspects that can transform an ordinary customer story into a captivating masterpiece.


Is your organization ready for a Customer Evidence program? Checklist


Are you considering implementing a Customer Evidence program but you’re not sure if you’re ready or not? The following provides you with some clear prerequisites you need to have in place before you start.


Customer evidence project management is an art and a skill


As a customer advocacy and customer evidence agency, we are the bridge between happy customers and the companies that helped make their dreams come true. We help our clients and their customers tell their success stories. In this article, Agustina reviews the best practices we apply at Wings4U to deliver hundreds of awesome customer success stories every year and how each technique serves a purpose.

Good customer interviews make for awesome customer stories


To create authentic customer stories, we must interview actual customers. To get good answers during those interviews, we need to ask good questions. Sounds pretty self-explanatory so far. But what makes a question good and an interview awesome for the customer? In this article, Miguel shares his experience working with our interviewing experts, what he’s learned so far and how we can all apply it in our customer interviews.

Customer evidence: 12 tips to get more nominations & publish more customer stories

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