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Customer Advocacy Reporting: a Robust Foundation for Your Advocacy Program

Advocacy Programs are often underestimated in their complexity. However, with the right reporting strategy, you can easily show the value of your Advocacy Program to your team and stakeholders. In this article, Iulia shares a step-by-step guide on how to build a comprehensive reporting base, from creating a list of data points to refining and improving your reporting structure. Say goodbye to time-sucking methods and unreliable reporting, and get ready to take your Advocacy Program to the next level.


Customer Advocacy Reporting: the Story Behind the Numbers

Are you tired of presenting numbers to stakeholders who just don't seem to get what any of it means? Maybe it's time to up your storytelling game. In this article, Iulia shares tips on how to create engaging, impactful reports that clearly communicate the value of your customer advocacy program. From empathizing with your audience to providing context and action plans, Iulia covers the key elements of a successful report that tells a story. So, whether you use a sophisticated reporting tool or a simple spreadsheet, you can showcase the impact of your advocacy program and inspire others to join in. Ready to take your reporting to the next level? Read on to learn more.


How do You Successfully Integrate an Outsourced Customer Advocacy Resource into Your Team?

Many companies are facing lean staffing budgets and finding it difficult to increase headcount where they need it. That’s particularly true of customer advocacy, a relatively new discipline with a shortage of experienced practitioners.

What Should You Look for in a Reference Manager?

As customer advocacy is playing an increasingly key role in the sales cycle, finding the right reference manager for a program is so important.

Staff Augmentation Successful Integration

So, you’ve decided to use staff augmentation to fill the talent void. We have already talked about the benefits of outsourcing. But how do you successfully integrate this outsourced resource into your team?

Benefits of Outsourcing

When you face lean staffing budgets, it’s often difficult to increase headcount where you need it. That’s particularly true of customer advocacy, a relatively new discipline with a shortage of experienced practitioners.

Customer evidence: 12 tips to get more nominations & publish more customer stories

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