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Customer Story Programs – Essential KPIs



The KPIs for customer story programs (whether they are called evidence, advocacy, or voice-of-the-customer programs) vary from company to company – and are often based on corporate goals and priorities.

However, it’s not just about tailoring metrics to your business concerns, you need a plan that is dynamic, focuses on growth, and is easy to adjust according to stakeholder feedback. Of course, when it comes to measuring, you will be pushed to track ROI. But if you just look at this measure you could miss other important insights.

Here are some of the other measures to consider.

1. Leads funnel

 How many references are in the queue? This helps you track the health of your program growth, and whether you will hit your goals. When you look at conversion rates (nominated vs selected) too, you will understand the quality of your pipeline.

2. Influenced revenue

You are already thinking "I cannot track the influenced revenue automatically". But if you would ask for the Opportunity ID from your seller when they are asking for references you could easily pull reports from your CRM at the end of your quarter. Look at the number of sales conversations your program generates. Sales and management will love you if this is strong.

3. Number of published cases

This might seem an obvious KPI, but it’s important for stakeholders. You will have a monthly quota, so track how many cases have been completed and published.

4. Increase in program usage

Tracking who, and how many people, are accessing your assets and database is a great indicator of your program’s growth and impact.

5. Number of downloads

This depends on the formats you use at the time of publishing. But tracking the downloads helps gauge the level of interest in a particular customer story.

What other metrics do you use in your program?

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