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Mistakes When Creating Content and How to Fix Them

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So, we know that Customer Advocacy can enhance your Content Marketing strategy. However, before diving into planning and creation, keep in mind to avoid some of the most common mistakes when creating your content:

Making it all about you

Look at content marketing through your ideal customers’ eyes, not your own. Your company will already reap the benefits of having proof that your product or service is helping to solve a problem, with the publication of the story. But if the story is centred exclusively around that, how is your customer benefitting from committing their time to help you build it? Instead of asking “What’s in it for us?”, ask “What’s in it for them?” and look for ways to make your customer shine. After all, their smart choice and growth thinking were the catalyzer for success while your role is to support them.


Some organizations create their content, post it, and then forget about it. This creates outdated, irrelevant, or conflicting advocacy content, not to even mention the missed opportunities to further engage your customers in other advocacy activities. Make sure you constantly check whether the customers featured in the content are still using the solutions — you may have the potential to update a great story and give audiences valuable information. Let the customers get involved in bringing updates to their stories by involving them in supporting advocacy activities for an even better promotion and to fortify your relationship.

Picking the wrong advocates

An advocate with a questionable Internet presence or one who directly conflicts with your brand’s beliefs may not be someone you want to promote your business. Instead, you want advocates who truly believe in your brand and it’s important that they align with your business’s values and voice.

Sticking to the same formula

If you want to keep your audience hooked, you need to give them reasons to keep coming back to your brand. Varying the types of content you post – videos, written stories, infographics, etc. – will keep your visitors from getting bored, and give you an opportunity to see what performs best.


Inspiring customer stories do not come from a transactional process anymore, but rather from cultivating a holistic approach that puts the spotlight on the customer and brings nurturing elements into the mix.


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