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The Value for Customer Advocacy


There are a lot of conversations lately about how to make Customer Advocacy a strategic function of every company. So here is the value Customer Advocacy can bring to any company...

As Advocacy Professionals we know the value we bring to the table, but it’s always good to remind ourselves of it and communicate constantly to our peers and executives to remind them how we are helping them achieve their goals and the extra value we could provide to them (if only they gave us that meeting, budget, sign-off, etc.)


Grow sales

Customers trust other customers. Active advocates will work for you to confirm your marketing and product promises, accelerating and creating new sales opportunities. 84% of B2B decision-makers start the buying process with a referral and 61% of B2B buyers consult “third-party” sources before a company’s sales force.


Engage end-users and executives

Having as many buying roles onboarded as advocates will shorten the sales cycle and improve your chances to win more deals. Enthusiasm is contagious, and the right advocates can spread their excitement about your product in virtually any department and in online communities.


Promote customer retention

Capturing customer health signals to feedback into customer experience and product development processes allows your company to retain happy customers, according to the NPS, but prone to be stolen by competitors. Truly happy customers will stay longer and buy more.


Follow your advocates wherever they are

Taking advantage of your advocates' career changes by giving advocates opportunities to keep spreading a positive message wherever they go, will turn them into a conduit for future sales.


Support Marketers

Providing marketers with engaged customers eager to share their experience and broadcast your message, will fill up your pipeline to fuel analyst relations, get speakers for events, compelling cases for press releases and customer stories, and drive participation in peer reviews platforms.


Spend budget smarter

Every company is already spending on Advocacy Practices. Encapsulating them into a unified program will drive better results and ROI by focusing all your resources on a common goal and taking advantage of process synergies. Share metrics between customer experience, product development, sales, and marketing, landing a fully integrated strategy to manage a customer-centric framework that is supported by your customer happiness.

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