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Types of Advocates


In every company, when you start the journey to identify and classify potential advocates, you will face three basic types of people. 

This classification is a quick snapshot that can be used to discern which treatment is appropriate for which customer at a specific moment in time. It’s important to monitor your customer’s satisfaction to identify if they change from one category to the other and act accordingly. An effective Customer Advocacy Program should imagine different nurturing paths to guide customers through the overall advocacy journey.



These are people who are not happy with your solution, and they will be vocal about it. This attitude may be motivated by negative past experiences with your products. 

For detractors, the nurturing paths are going to focus on capturing their feedback and experience, feeding that voice to your product and customer experience teams. This feedback can be crucial to enhancing your product and making the customer feel that their voice is heard. Often, education and training can be necessary to overcome the detractor’s attitude.



Passives are those who don’t have a strong opinion about you or your solutions. Internally they might even be a happy customer, but they are not inclined to share their experience. 

The nurturing paths should be focused on figuring out the right incentive to make them more passionate and outspoken. Some of them value physical rewards or perks, others are interested in opportunities to network. A well thought nurturing plan should assign the right activity to the right customer.



When we think of promoters, we think of satisfied customers that actively recommend you, even without being part of any program. They are, of course, the best type to become your advocates as official members of the Customer Advocacy Program immediately. They will champion your products, try to convince others that your solution is great, and they will be eager to spread the word.

The promoters’ path is all about broadcasting and amplifying their voices. The calendar should be packed with activities and opportunities for these customers to shine. Give them all the help, support, and assets they need to spread the word. They are your Most Valued Advocates. Help them help you!

Have you identified who your advocates are yet? Do you know where they are in their journey and how to help them become your superstar promoters?

Within a Customer Advocacy Program, there will always be a constantly changing mix of all the above categories. Having strategies in place to support and provide them with recognition will heavily influence the success of your program.

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