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15 Mottos on #VirtualCulture to Live by in 2017


We believe in a simple formula: Speed of internet = the speed at which we remove the traditional understanding of work. Technology enables us to socialize with people around the world in seconds, so why shouldn’t we connect to build teams, connect with talented professionals around the world and collaborate to create amazing work? Remote work is on the rise, and it’s rising for good reason: people are demanding it because it improves their lives. The big question is, can you still create a company culture if your team is all over the globe?

At Wings4U, we #workanywhere, we work passionately and having experts and artists across the globe is only making us stronger. Our team might be virtual, but the connection is real and all we have to do is just think outside the box to create our culture. As the year wraps up, we asked our team members to share their #virtualculture motto for 2017 in hope that they inspire you and your remote team members!


15 mottos to kickstart your #virtualculture in the new year:


  1. Klara Furstner, Production Manager


    Connect in cyber space as much as in meatspace. Both are important!

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  2. Daniela Sesma, Production Manager 


    Home is where the wifi is.

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  3. Michele Hackshall, Chirping Program Lead


    Take new risks and learn new skills.

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  4. Jovana Srećković, Microsoft WE Voice of the Customer Program Manager

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    Be in the "cloud", work from anywhere but stay focused, productive and always optimistic.

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  5. Matej Bacovsky, Co-Owner of Wings4U


    Inspire people around the world to live, work and scale their businesses without borders.

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  6. Bernice Soriano, Production Manager for APAC 


    Keep it simple.

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  7. Chhavi Porwal, APAC Account Manager - Microsoft and Oracle


    Deliver great stuff in record time.

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  8. Sandra Bakker, Global Account Lead - Microsoft

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    Sharing! It's so important that we keep sharing what we're doing across the globe. There're a lot of cultural differences but there're also many similarities. One of the values of our international virtual culture, for customers, is that we can learn from each other and adopt initiatives in other markets.

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  9. Pavel Bartos, Account & Project Manager for EMEA


    Anywhere, but together (even though your colleagues are virtually everywhere, keep human and personal contact with them).

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  10. Matias Vivone, Process Analyst

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    You need only one engine to be in your dream place: your will.

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  11. Teena Jelsma, Head of Growth & Management

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    Opportunities are everywhere.

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  12. Asta Kurulyte, Production Manager EMEA

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    Culture is created by people - virtual culture is created by more people. Be nice and useful.

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  13. Liane Ng, Global Marketing Consultant

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    Haz Internet, can work.

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  14. Agnieszka Molęda, Digital Content Marketing Manager EMEA


    Everything you do now is for your future. Focus on what you like and what you are best at.

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  15. Adriana Jimenez, Voice of the Customer Pogram Manager LATAM


    First things come first - and I don't mean just for work.

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What are some #virtualculture mottos or tips you live by? Let us know in the comments below!

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