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How to boost Your Productivity in 2017: Remote Work Edition


Remote working arrangements are becoming more common and the question of productivity is perhaps discussed more frequently than ever. Does a flexible and independent work structure boost or harm worker productivity? Research shows that remote workers are happier, feel more valued and ‘91% of them say they get more work done’ this way. However, this doesn’t mean that remote workers don’t face any productivity hurdles. Feeling isolated, tendency to work from your bed or the many distractions one can face in their home environment, to name a few.

At Wings4U, we embrace a #WorkAnywhere principle and work with experts and artists across the globe, delivering to businesses in all time zones. To some, this might seem as a challenge, but it has become one of our biggest strengths. Let’s be honest though: working in a #VirtualCulture presents its challenges from time to time, even to the best of us! :) When we face one, our formula is simple: accept it, deal with it, get past it and repeat! As the year wraps up, we asked our team members to share their #productivity tips as an inspiration for 2017.


Here are 15 tips that work for us and will help boost your productivity too:


  1. Klara Furstner, Production Manager


    Decide in advance when you work and when you take breaks. Don't let yourself be distracted during the work-hours, but allow enough time for food, exercise and people throughout the day.

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  2. Daniela Sesma, Production Manager 


    Classical music as background! I'm 10 times more focused when I have music playing. 

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  3. Michele Hackshall, Chirping Program Lead


    Divide and structure the time where you review/answer emails and other tasks so email doesn't distract you when you're working.

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  4. Jovana Srećković, Microsoft WE Voice of the Customer Program Manager

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    Create "TO DO" list and specify short period of time to complete it (I do it to myself all the time).

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  5. Matej Bacovsky, Co-Owner of Wings4U


    Switch off all possible distractions - especially email, phone and all notifications. Dedicate enough time to get into the zone. Focus only on that one task, that you want to crack. Play music (without singing) or some white noise on background.

    I found out that sometimes it helps to put one track on loop and let it play over and over, it becomes a mantra that you are not focused on but helps to keep the rhythm. :)

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  6. Bernice Soriano, Production Manager for APAC 


    Before you end the day, make sure you have your to-do list for the following day set up so you could prepare. Also make sure all gadgets (laptops, power banks, phones, etc.) are fully charged before you start the day.

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  7. Chhavi Porwal, APAC Account Manager - Microsoft and Oracle


    Working with multiple stakeholders on a magnitude of projects makes me productive.

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  8. Sandra Bakker, Global Account Lead - Microsoft

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    Don't work with To Do lists but block time (placeholders) in your agenda for the action items.

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  9. Pavel Bartos, Account & Project Manager for EMEA


    If you want to be really focused, don't listen to songs with lyrics. Play some ambient or house music, or if you wish classical music.

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  10. Matias Vivone, Process Analyst

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    10 mins of meditation at the beginning of the day. Blocks of 15 mins of full focus on one task.

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  11. Teena Jelsma, Head of Growth & Management

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    Turn off email notifications, and check email just 4 times - morning, lunch, mid-afternoon and evening.

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  12. Asta Kurulyte, Production Manager EMEA

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    Making physical lists (notebook and pen) and physically crossing items out once they're done - there's some motivation in seeing how the list gets smaller and smaller towards the end of the day. Imagining it's a quest within a game is also nice.

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  13. Liane Ng, Global Marketing Consultant

    Liane Ng.png

    Aim to get just one thing done a day.

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  14. Agnieszka Molęda, Digital Content Marketing Manager EMEA


    I love the Evernote application. It allows me to not get lost around multiple tasks and not forget different ideas that might cross my mind at the most unexpected moments. It also helps to separate and organize projects, brainstorming, meetings, and overall things to do.

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  15. Adriana Jimenez, Voice of the Customer Pogram Manager LATAM


    I plan my day the day before so I know what is important vs urgent. I try to tackle them first in the morning. By the way, there is no way I can be productive if I don't get enough sleep.

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Do you practice some of these tips in your routines? What are some #productivity mottos or tips you live by? Let us know in the comments below! Have a fantastic and productive new year!

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