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How to Get Stakeholder Buy-In for Customer Advisory Boards



A CAB shouldn’t exist without the buy-in and active engagement of internal stakeholders. You can’t and you shouldn’t do it all.

In most scenarios, Product Marketing should be your number 1 stakeholder to win over and collaborate with.

Some questions you will have to answer with the Product Marketing team are:

1. Are all product groups involved?
2. Which products inside the product groups should be prioritized during the CAB activities?
3. Do we want to run a session around a specific use case?
4. Are we focusing on improving our flagship product? Or prioritizing the new ones?

This decision will impact how big your CAB will be and it will lead to product-specific stakeholders.

But Product Marketing is not the only stakeholder you should seek.

Check the table below to learn more about different areas of impact for your CABs and which departments are directly related to them.

Table CAB

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