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Introducing Adam Watkins, our Customer Success Manager


We're happy to introduce Adam Watkins, our Customer Success Manager EMEA. At Wings4U, Adam is responsible for growing and managing relationships with key clients, such as Microsoft. This role is essential and requires a clear understanding and perspective of both sides of the client-agency relationship.

Why this role, and why Wings4U?

In addition to the dynamic and global team at Wings4U, I enjoy working directly with clients to foster
growth and collaborate in tandem for success. I revel in the moments during or after a marketing
campaign when the client achieves their goal and hits (or exceeds) their KPIs. These are the
rewarding moments that are brought on after having devised innovative and creative campaigns
which were set in motion by true strategy. Further, what makes Wings4U and this role so appealing is
the diverse portfolio of clients which require (and challenge) you to understand their brand, goals, and
company culture. One is always evolving with clients and with evolution, comes growth — and that is
a space I like to be in.

Do you have any experiences worth raving about?

Being published for my research on Czechoslovak political prisoner and socio-politico icon
Milada Horáková was a special moment in my life. I received a medal from the Confederation of
Czechoslovak Political Prisoner Director, she who also a survivor under totalitarianism, for the
contribution. As a foreigner being recognised by both the Horáková family and the Confederation,
having it placed on my chest was an experience I will never forget.

Additionally, I had my own art opening at a gallery in Hartford, Connecticut where I displayed my
photography, some 40 pieces. It was a collection called, “Moods Do Not Believe in One Another”. I
spent a lot of time in the darkroom and shooting, so the experience and recognition of seeing family,
friends, and new faces intersecting with my work that very first night was unforgettable. That night I
sold a few and one piece was published.

Professionally, a significant achievement was leaving my Marketing career in USA behind and
completely starting over in a new country - building from scratch a new career and getting myself
where I am today after having not known a single soul in the local industry. It was a complete life &amp;
career restart but with hard work and belief in myself, I managed it in the end.

What makes you tick? What are you passionate about?

Good question! Proving people wrong, actually. I think in life we have all encountered people
who perhaps didn’t recognise our potential or questioned if we really had the guts to get out there and
make our way. Yet success comes from within. My grandfather always taught me to believe in hard
work and taking pride in it, and yourself — he was an entrepreneur so self-belief comes with the
territory. So you have to shut out the noise and cast aside those seeds of doubt some may try to plant
— get out there and show them what you got. Anything and everything is absolutely possible if you
believe in yourself.



What’s your favourite quote?

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” - Oscar Wilde

What’s your favourite music / bands?

Quite vast! I grew up playing music so I have quite a love of classical - I play Claude
Debussy on heavy rotation at home, and Mozart. I frequent the opera but love a morning cup of coffee
with some good ole honky tonk American classic country music. When the sun goes down, it is New
Wave 80s favourites with a lot of synthesisers and drum machines. Hope my neighbours like New
Order et al.

Which book and movie would you recommend to everyone?

“The Story of Ferdinand” by American author Munro Leaf. It tells the story of a rural Spanish
bull who prefers to smell the flowers rather than fight in the bullring with the other bulls. It was quite
subversive for its time but I think a lot of people can identify with this allegory. For me, it speaks of
staying true to yourself.

If you could go to dinner with anyone (alive or not), who would it be and why?

It would be fascinating to sit down with Thomas Jefferson. I recognise that he is a bit of a
controversial figure, yet he had such a vast knowledge in so many disciplines. From being a
statesman to horticulturalist, architect to philosopher, a president and founding father, he sought to
understand the mechanics of the world and to contribute to the future in an innovative and meaningful
way. Monticello and surrounding gardens are a work of art alone - hope this would be a lengthly 8-
course meal.


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