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Introducing Agnieszka Moleda, our Digital & Content Marketing Manager

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We're happy to introduce Agnieszka Moleda, our Digital Content Marketing Manager. Agnieszka is part of a marketing team that takes care of the Wings4U brand, but she's also involved in creating strategies for customers. This role requires a variety of skills, from project management through to strategic approach and creative thinking. We asked Agnieszka a few questions. 

Why this role, and why Wings4U?

Meaningful life changes are often not easy to make, but sometimes life serves a sequence of events that pushes you to the edge, where you have to take decisions that in the end turn out to be good for you.

I had been considering remote work for a while, but there was never a 'good moment' until, all of a sudden, my life turned upside down and triggered a lot of changes. I started doing freelancing, and a few months later I found a W4U job offer. I was living in Poland at the time, but the 'sequence of events' caused me to move to Italy right after. 

I was pretty happy when I discovered Wings4U — when I saw this job offer I thought, “This is it!” The job offer perfectly matched my previous experience. I truly liked this new challenge, as well as the W4U brand messaging and this remote culture. I am grateful that we live in the era when you can work just about anywhere and the only limit is basically a decent internet connection. This is the time when you can adapt your work to your lifestyle, not the opposite. Also I get to work with professionals around the world who are passionate about their job, which is great experience and learning for me.

Do you have any experiences worth raving about?

I believe that the best is yet to come! :) It always surprises people when I say that I live in a multi-language family (4 languages at home!) — every day brings something new and surprising to my life.

What makes you tick? What are you passionate about?

I am a bit of a 'Renaissance type'. I enjoy learning and developing my skills in various areas: artistic, social, science, physical, etc. I am eager to follow sociopolitical changes and satirical comments about them, to dive into futuristic and scientific resources. I dive into understanding marketing processes and the psychology behind it. I love analyzing how people make decisions, what triggers them, how local context impacts on them, and how brands communicate. On top of that I also enjoy running and... drawing. Both relax me; they help to disconnect and are a sort of form of meditation. I will not be original when I also add that I truly love traveling and discovering new places, especially cities. Also photography is something that I have liked learning and practicing since I was a teenager, maybe because my grandpa used to do this professionally (which as you may assume had nothing in common with nowadays’ digital solutions).

What’s your favourite quote?

I don’t have just one because there are too many brilliant discussions and words to pick just one. But one of the most recent that has seduced me lately:

I love not knowing what I am going to be doing in 5 years from now. The most successful careers, relationships are those that still have power to surprise you.” ( TEDx speech, Terri Trespicio — “Stop searching for your passion”)

What’s your favourite music / bands?

I love MUSIC so much, and there are so many artists and kinds that it's really hard to list favourites here. Follow my Spotify to know more! However, I regularly come back to Aphex Twin, Bonobo, Moderat, Explosions in the Sky, The Cinematic Orchestra, and God Is an Astronaut.

Which book and movie would you recommend to everyone?

Depends what are you looking for. I like reading all types of books — criminal dark stories, novels, biographies, psychological, business books. I have to say I am a huge fun of paper, but since I’ve had my Kindle, I read much more! For some inspiration, take a look at How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci: Seven Steps to Genius Every Day. Why this one? The talent of Leonardo da Vinci covers such comprehensive areas of interest, from science to creative thinking, from inventions, paintings, architecture, science, music, to mathematics, engineering, anatomy. Human beings are gifted with huge potential for learning and creativity. This book helps to uncover our own hidden abilities, sharpen our senses, and liberate our unique intelligence.

Movies — there are so many good titles that it’s a shame to recommend just one. But if you haven’t yet, do watch Mr. Nobody and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind to make you think about life choices, Sin City for the visuals, Inception to confuse you and amaze you, and Waking Life to blow your mind! ;) I am also big fan of American TV series... but better not let me start on that :)

If you could go to dinner with anyone (alive or not), who would it be and why?

Someone from the future (next century or even millenium)!

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