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Matej Bacovsky

Co-owner and ideas generator.

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12 books and 6 videos that influenced my thinking about the storytelling in 2018

Topics: Storytelling

From my early childhood, I was reading a ton. Since there was no internet back then, I was consumed by the stories delivered through hundreds of books. Luckily, I kept this habit. Only adapted the technology, as there's less time to read the old fashion way. Mostly thanks to audiobooks, my curiosity, hunger for stories and knowledge is being fulfilled. So I thought to share those that were influential to me and hope that you might find some interesting as well.

I want to dedicate this blog post to storytelling. I've realized that the art of storytelling is one of the most significant powers that form who we are, where we belong and how we connect to the world around us. So without further ado, here are some of the great stories that influenced me in 2018 — happy reading.

Introducing Melis Hamurculu, our Business Development and Global Accounts Lead 


We're happy to introduce Melis Hamurculu, our Global Accounts Lead. At Wings4U, Melis is responsible for growing and managing relationships with key clients, such as Microsoft. This role is essential and requires a clear understanding and perspective of both sides of the client-agency relationship.

Introducing Agnieszka Moleda, our Digital & Content Marketing Manager


We're happy to introduce Agnieszka Moleda, our Digital Content Marketing Manager. Agnieszka is part of a marketing team that takes care of the Wings4U brand, but she's also involved in creating strategies for customers. This role requires a variety of skills, from project management through to strategic approach and creative thinking. We asked Agnieszka a few questions. 

Meet Lucille Fernandez. Our new APAC Production Manager.


Why this role, and why Wings4U?

I used to be in constant search of more challenging and remote types of work because I love to travel, have so many personal plans and want a location-independent career. When I learned about Wings4U and their high profile clients, I was excited and curious as to what they do and how they manage global marketing programs and a worldwide team of experts. My first weeks were awesome - I immediately felt part of the team. You can see how passionate everyone is about their craft and how they nurture the #workanywhere culture. With my role as production manager for the APAC region, I just can’t wait to be part of all the milestones, success and fun here.

Meet Asta Kurulyte, our new EMEA Production Manager

We're thrilled to welcome Asta Kurulyte to our team! Asta will be our new Production Manager looking after EMEA production. Part of our B2B marketing agency in Europe, it’s a regional role with global implications. At Wings4U, our artists are our strength. Asta brings a wealth of project management and inbound marketing experience with her.

We took a few minutes to find out what makes Asta tick.

New Team Members Strengthen Wings4U Agency Capabilities

3 new core members in one week… wow! Wings4U is expanding to the Americas to better serve clients already based in Toronto, Seattle, Miami, Mexico and other LatAm cities. We chat with our 3 newest artists who bring added expertise to our growing B2B marketing agency.

How To Get The Most From Your Agency

Outsourcing work to marketing agencies makes sense for enterprise and SME companies who don’t have the time, or in-house resources to complete all that needs to be done. Yet there is still frustration by B2B marketers when the work they get from agencies is inconsistent in quality or not what they expected. Let’s explore ways you can get more from your current marketing agency partners.

Come fly with us - Wings4U Core Values

It doesn’t take fancy contraptions or overwrought plans to fly. Take it from us.

At Wings4U, we find our flight power in the simple things: a genuine passion for growth, common sense, the freedom of a virtual workplace, and a solid base of raving fans. As a B2B marketing agency, we are fueled and grounded by these four core values.

Customer evidence: 12 tips to get more nominations & publish more customer stories

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