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Cool gadgets and tweaks to improve your workspace


We recently bumped into this article on 9gag, and fell in love with all these gadgets. Many of us are already awaiting the pending shipment of our new productivity tools. 

Check it out – perhaps you want to be a super-hero officer too, or in our case super out-of-officers, as we all work remotely.

The sticky note roll

Do your thoughts fit to standardized Post-its? If not, no problem. Just use these rolls and roll your ideas out!
Buy at Amazon.com


Flexible storage straps

Everyone hates mess on their work space…ok, almost everyone. For those who do - use these straps and mount all that stuff on the wall! No more mouse slaloms around the cords will be required.
Buy at Diply.com


Post-it watches

We admit that this looks a bit creepy, especially if you wear it out of the office. But if nothing else works, this has to help with remembering the important things. Buy at Fancy.com or Thisiswhyimbroke.com


A paper table

Recommended by 99 out of 10 mums, and visual thinkers.
Buy at Fancy.com


The notepaper roller

The same as the sticky note roll, but not sticky, which might be appreciated by huge shoppers.
Buy at Amazon.com



Be your best self and discover 25+ ways how to be productive now.
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The mini Zen garden

Everybody needs a mini Zen garden! Especially those who think they don’t.
Buy at Etsy.com


A hammock for your feet

Sure, you can just use a stool beneath your desk, but how cool is a stool, compared to a hammock?
Buy at Amazon.com


The personal mini-fridge

You will probably need two. One with energy-drinks for business hours and one with beer for after business hours. Caution, don’t get them mixed up!
Buy at Amazon.com


The portable cup warmer

You know that feeling. You are deep into work and suddenly, your coffee has gone cold. That’s not cool. Well, now your coffee can stay warm as long as you need it too!
Buy at Ebay.com


The calendar stamp

Ok, this one is not that practical for digital work. It’s way too analog. But, look at it how cute it is.
Buy at Amazon.com or Scrapbook.com


The whiteboard wall clock

The best analog time manager ever. Just imagine how much fun you can have with this.
Buy at Amazon.com


The desk organizer

If you don’t have a wall in front of your desk, Flexible storage straps won’t work. No big deal, you can still have this ramp. Problem solved.
Buy at Amazon.com


The portable document and photo scanner

This is so James Bond! And who wouldn’t want to be like him?
Buy at Amazon.com