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Tips for Turning Customers into Advocates


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We have been talking a lot about Customer Advocacy and how important it is to your brand. But how do you get your customers from being just customers to becoming your advocates?

Creating Advocates can be the best investment you make in your marketing program. It’s becoming increasingly important for companies to promote authenticity, and your existing customers are in the best position to spread the word. However, Customer Advocacy doesn’t just happen overnight. Rather, it takes careful thought and an ongoing commitment from all levels of the company to prove that you’re worth advocating for.

So how can you turn happy customers into your most effective marketing channel:

Foster Conversations
In our current digital age, whether you realize it or not, more people are talking about your brand online. Brands looking to build on Customer Advocacy must proactively step into these conversations. Creating two-way engagement and conversations will shape a positive customer experience.

Promote a Customer-First Mentality

“The customer is always right” isn’t just an empty motto. Happy advocates come from happy customers. Companies that continually put the customer experience first will thrive compared to those that don’t. Customers feel important when you listen to their needs. And they’re more likely to rave about your company when you’ve gone the extra mile for them.

Personalize Your Messaging

Personalization goes beyond adding a name to the subject line of an email. Rather, personalized messaging centers around creating a unique customer experience for every user. Each customer has unique wants, needs, and expectations from your company. Adding personalized features like getting a personal response from your company can go a long way toward creating a positive company image.

Give Them Something to Believe In

Don’t just tell your customers what your product can do – show them the full effects of how they can benefit from what you offer.

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