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Virtual Corporate Culture and #WorkAnywhere lifestyle

More and more, our working world is digitizing and moving online. So much so, that we don't even need to turn up at an office anymore. There can be challenges around this, but one of founders, Maria Sztarovics gives us an insight into the beauty of this #WorkAnywhere lifestyle.  

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Remote work - virtual culture and life out of office

"I am travelling a lot. I love it. I consider myself a citizen of the world.

It’s amazing how great I feel in cities like Singapore, Seattle, New York, Toronto, London, Munich – you name it. The more cosmopolitan, the more skyscrapers, the better.

I love the vibe of these cities. Each one of them is different and has it’s different past, smells, tastes, and even air. 

I consider myself very lucky because when I am travelling I usually don’t visit these cities as a tourist. My job description (if there is such a thing) is to create new business opportunities in these cities. Find new clients. Build long lasting partnerships.

And while doing this - now I finally come to the point – here’s why I consider myself lucky… I have the chance to interact with amazing people. They are usually well educated, bright, communicative, genuine people - just very inspirational individuals. 

They go to their offices every day (or most parts of the week), they work like busy bees, they produce excellent results and they seem to be happy with what they are doing. The offices are well decorated by the designers, the fridges are filled with all the goodies you can imagine and the vibe, the atmosphere of the office is a place where you want to spend time as it is filled with like-minded people.


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The trend of the Mega-police Smart cities is evident and inevitable.

Cities like Seattle, Singapore and London are just getting bigger; more and more people want to live there. They get more competitive and unemployment is almost non-existent if you are well-educated, fast, bright and ready to do well in this fast competing world.

At the same time, there is a growing group or of people looking for an alternative! People who are running away from the ‘career paradises’. 

They are called digital nomads, office refugees… 

I am one of them. In spite of my love for big cities, I choose to live in the country side (as my American friend likes to call it – in a mountain cabin) surrounded by my family, trees, traditions and animals.   

People like me have special wishes and values. Some prefer freedom and autonomy, some don't like to spend time in traffic, some like to be home when the kids come back from school, some find it hard to focus in open space offices and others like to have the flexibility of choosing when to work.

Whatever the reason might be – the trend is inevitable as well! 

More and more people are looking for ways to work from home, remotely or, as I like to call it, virtually. I am happy that in Wings4U we have managed to create a place for people with similar mindset, needs and wishes. We are bridging these two worlds and creating a truly unique virtual culture for people who are looking for an alternative. I  believe that you can have both – great exciting work for big brands and work from anywhere. 

Wings4U was founded in the Czech Republic in 2008 by me, an ex-corporate office refugee / mum. Wings4U is a virtual digital content agency serving B2B customers such as Microsoft and Twitter in Smart-Cities, working with like-minded people worldwide: Europe, Middle-East & Africa, Latin America, Asia, Australia and China. 

We are always looking for talent across the world – so if you are interested in working with us, please contact us @ hiring@wings4u.com. Freelancers are welcome."


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