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Teena Jelsma

Growth & Management. Kiwi girl in Singapore with a major weakness for good chocolate.

Recent Posts by Teena Jelsma:

4 Content Ideas for B2B Marketing that Actually Work

Content has become the fuel of B2B marketing. It helps generate quality leads, nurture prospects, and drive sales. 91% of B2B marketers use it to create demand and nurture TOFU (Top of The Funnel) leads. According to HubSpot, B2B organizations that blog generate 67% more leads every month than companies that don’t blog. It’s hard to beat blog posts as a solid investment for your digital marketing strategy.

Why Target Personas Are The First Step to Successful Lead Generation

We now live in a digital world crammed full of content and amazing solutions. As a B2B company, you know your solution needs to stand out from your competitors. You know you need to bring more leads to your sales teams. Where to start? If you want to show successful ROI - in the form of Sales Qualified Leads, and revenue - you will need solid target personas in place so you know where you’re aiming. 

How to Scale a Global B2B Marketing Program: Twitter Case Study

Developing and managing successful global B2B marketing programs is a challenge for any company. How do you balance local cultural relevance with economies of scale and global messaging? Here are some important success factors to consider based on my experience of rolling out and executing a global B2B marketing program for Twitter.

How to Get Answers to Your Emails

Topics: Productivity


The nature of business emails may change depending on your working situation, but some things remain constant – there will be times when you really need a reply to your email. Some people regularly have hundreds of unread emails waiting for them. To avoid your email being scanned and left unanswered, it better be super easy to reply to, or super hard to ignore. Marking an email as ‘high importance’ just doesn't cut it anymore. It’s all about communication – the most highly valued business skill today.

My Experience with Daily Huddles

Topics: Productivity

We’ve been huddling for more than a year now at Wings4U. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a daily huddle is the act of gathering your team or entire company together for 15 minutes, every day. The purpose of a daily huddle is to align and maintain focus, to share priorities and clear blockers or issues that someone might be facing that day.

Like most of you, I detest meetings for the sake of meetings. I’d rather be doing something productive with my time.  

Riding the Wave of Change: Insights from Garth Bradley

Change is the name of the game for tech companies, so we caught up with Garth Bradley, Marketing Director at Rackspace—the #1 managed cloud company—to tap into his views on change management and organizational transformation. Prior to Rackspace, Garth worked at Microsoft and Autodesk for 17 years.

7 Ways to Promote B2B Success Stories

Great customer success story – now what?

Whether your case study is in video form, or as an article, don’t leave them to collect dust on a website somewhere. Hard work went into publication of the stories containing all the juicy data your clients were willing to share. Now it’s time to amplify, to promote, to put up big arrows in the digital world that point back to your customer success stories. Here’s 7 ways to do just that. 

Leadership Insights: Tips from the Top - with Guadalupe Duran

Guadalupe Duran – Dynamics BG Lead, Microsoft US

In the course of our business, we rub shoulders with high level executives who demonstrate great leadership. Like other smart people, we learn from them whenever we can! 

We caught up with Guadalupe Duran in Singapore recently. She took the time to share some of her thoughts, tips and ideas on delegation, successful team dynamics and what’s really important in life.

Here’s what we learned:

Integrating Sales into Inbound Marketing Processes

I had the opportunity to attend Hubspot’s annual Inbound Marketing conference this year and wanted to share a couple of takeaways about aligning sales and marketing more closely in the inbound marketing world.

Business lessons from Prague

I’m fortunate to travel to historical Prague on business with Wings4U. Even in winter (these photos are from February), Prague is beautiful and oozes history and charm; it lends to one waxing lyrical. But there is also a real energy in the business scene and as I looked through my mobile photos I saw some of my favourite business lessons - for startups or more established organisations – in the very fabric of Prague. So, without further ado, please enjoy these photos with a business twist.

Customer evidence: 12 tips to get more nominations & publish more customer stories

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