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Your customers know what your content should be - better than you do

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In this article, Melis explores ways to harness the full power of customer advocates to boost your content marketing strategy. From making your content convenient and diverse to empowering advocates to get involved in the content creation process, there are several ways to drive more user-generated content (UGC) and engagement. Additionally, getting credible advocates contributing content can help your brand reach a wider network of potential customers.

How can we show the return on investment (ROI) from content we create? As marketers, we track new leads and influenced deals to show business value, usually through UTM tracking.

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But what if the content can help build better customer relationships, drive loyalty, retention, and advocacy? Not only can your content help turn customers into successful and happy advocates, but an army of loyal customer advocates can also make your content marketing efforts more effective.

So how can the right content boost customer advocacy—and how can customer advocates improve your content marketing strategy in return?

Make it work for your advocates

The tried and tested version of customer advocacy content is the case study: you interview the customer, write up a testimonial, publish it on your website. Yet, it might not be what every customer wants to do. Some seek to share their knowledge, some may want to build thought leadership, some are looking for co-marketing opportunities, and some might want to do it all, but just don’t have the time for any of it. When designing the content for your customer advocacy, make it diverse and convenient. Add a pre-recorded reference, where the advocate can share their experience at their own convenience. Offer a video, filmed on-site at their location, which can help the customer’s own marketing efforts. Create a community forum or chat where advocates can interact directly with each other. Launch a monthly newsletter with content ideas where customers can volunteer to share their thought leadership on specific topics. Aim to offer a convenient way for your customers to advocate on your behalf while giving something of value back.

Make your content travel further

Empower your advocates to get involved in your content creation process. This might mean that your customers submit content ideas, participate in events or forums, or own sections of the community. This type of involvement enables customer advocates to feel a sense of belonging. Your advocates have walked in the shows of your prospects, so they’re likely to contribute ideas that you may have taken for granted, yet your prospects would highly value. Plus, since they’ll feel a sense of ownership over the pieces you create together, they’ll be more likely to share the content with their peers. This makes your content travel even further and reach a wider network of potential new customers.

Drive more UGC and engagement

User-generated content (UGC) from loyal and passionate customers is every content marketer’s dream. Your community of existing and potential customers want to hear from people who have walked in their shoes and become successful with your service or product. Get credible advocates into your community who will be generous with their knowledge. Their insights will be your community’s most valuable asset.


Content marketing plays a crucial role in smart sales and marketing strategies. However, measuring the ROI from content creation can be challenging for marketers. While tracking new leads and influenced deals is a traditional way to show business value, it doesn't fully capture the impact of content on customer advocacy. The true power of content marketing is in the relationships built, new audiences reached and communities that flourish. So, how can you harness the full power of your customer advocates to fuel your brand's content marketing strategy?


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