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Remote Work Not Remote Life 


When it comes to company culture, remote work is no exception. Recently we met up in beautiful Goa, India for our first offsite of 2018 - where we discussed strategy, teamwork, industry trends and much more.. Not to mention enough time by the beach and enjoying the Indian sunshine. Keep reading for more takeaways from our trip.  

Work is the opposite of play, or is it?

I was on a an 18-hour plane ride from India, watching a TED talk by Shonda Rhimes when I heard this phrase. Immediately, it resonated with the week that I just spent with the W4U team in our offsite meeting.


As remote workers we are used to people thinking that our jobs are easier than theirs because we don’t go to an office, when in reality most of the time we work twice as much as we did when we had a cubicle to fill for 8 hours a day. When our friends and family see that we are traveling to India for a week they picture a vacation, when in fact our week was filled with presentations, workshops and new ideas on how to improve our service for our clients. But was it all work? No way. Our workshop was also laughter, getting to know each other’s personalities, sharing dinners and drinks and making memories that turned us from team mates to friends.


Work is not the opposite of play, in fact, this week in India proved to us all that they go hand in hand. It was neither all work, nor all play. Long days of work faded into long dinners and laughter, and swimming in the ocean looked a lot of times like meetings as we brainstormed new ideas on how to improve our services, and it all happened very naturally because it’s part of ourselves as a remote team. We get to live more balanced lives, and W4U encourages us to do so, because happy people form happy teams that make happy clients.


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