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Benefits of Using Infographics in Your Storytelling Strategy


Customer Advocacy Integration

Have you ever read a great customer story, but it was written in long paragraphs? Just a lot of words and words in sight.

A simple blog or social post (with long, long paragraphs) simply won’t cut it anymore. People are visual creatures. Research has found that 65 percent of the general population are visual learners, meaning they need to see information to retain it.

If you want to share information with someone, tell it to them. If you want that person to retain that information, tell a visual story with an INFOGRAPHIC.

Infographics are an aesthetically pleasing way to summarize data and share information in a more compelling, engaging way with your consumers. They can tell a story that captivates readers in a way that words alone fail to accomplish.

They are an excellent tool for improving brand awareness, increasing traffic to your website, and optimizing it for search. Infographics are also a prime medium for establishing thought leadership since they allow you to show off a depth and breadth of knowledge in a small space.

Here are some top reasons to incorporate them in your content strategy:


They improve decision-making

The faster you process information, the faster you make decisions.


They enhance content shareability

Infographics are not only easy to consume but also easy for readers to share.


They can build brand credibility

Creating interesting and informative graphics can help people learn more about you or your business and be seen as a voice of authority.


They complement your branding strategy

When done right, your target audience will be able to differentiate your brand’s infographics from others. Customize every aspect of your infographic, from colors to fonts to text placement to align with your branding.


They can improve your SEO

Published infographics can appear in Google Images search results, further benefiting your brand’s SEO. In addition to search engine results, they can add to your overall authority with tags and even link-building opportunities.

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