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Michelle Naomi

Recent Posts by Michelle Naomi:

Benefits of Using Infographics in Your Storytelling Strategy


Have you ever read a great customer story, but it was written in long paragraphs? Just a lot of words and words in sight.

One customer, a lot of benefits



So you’ve launched a customer advocacy initiative? Congratulations!! But you may also be thinking, what’s next?

How many stories could your customers tell?

When developing new services or products for your company, it is crucial to understand your customer well. You need to know what is relevant to your customer and what they value.

Success Sells: Why You Need More Customer Success Stories


In today’s digitally connected world, selling isn’t easy. Buyers have all the information they need at the click of a button, and therefore, they are in control. So as a seller, how can you accelerate your sales success?

Making the Most Out of Your Customer Stories


The success of many customer evidence programs is usually measured by the number of stories produced/published. But as the saying goes, “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it…”, was the customer story ever published?

Why is Customer Advocacy important for your brand?

Here are the reasons why Customer Advocacy is so important for your brand

Why are Customer Success Stories so important for post-Covid business?

COVID 19 has had a powerful impact on business. Among the many changes, the pandemic has left us with is the fact that companies have become more selective. They actively seek out businesses that demonstrate and build trust. 

Customer Advocacy, Customer Evidence, or Customer Reference – what’s the difference?

Today, the most important person selling your product or service is no longer you—it’s your customer. What’s important is customer engagement and how it benefits you, your customer, and your prospects. When it comes to customer marketing, you may have heard a few terms - Customer Advocacy, Customer Evidence, and Customer Reference. They all sound similar, and we may think we know what they are, but they are in fact quite different.

Case Studies vs. Customer Stories

There are case studies and there are customer stories. You’d think it’s a similar concept with different names. But what if it’s not?

Customer evidence: 12 tips to get more nominations & publish more customer stories

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