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Customer success, cameras, actions

Customer success, cameras, action_2


59% of startup founders would rather watch a video than read text. Engaging, effective, and memorable video stories show real people and tell an inspiring story. This format is perfect for events, embedded or linked to from sales pitch decks, or as part of the prospects web journey. 


Video creative pillars


Authentic voice

It’s very important to capture your customers’ authentic voices. Having a crew able to coach speakers well will be central to get impactful quotes that tie in together well as part of the full story of an organization’s mission and impact.

Making people look and feel good on camera

Filming a video is not just about capturing footage; it involves directing interactions, inducing natural smiles, and encouraging activities that result in engaging and visually appealing shots. The video crew should be experts in bringing to the screen those natural human interactions and authentic, emotional shots that helps really connect with the viewers. 



Real-life examples

Memorable video stories show real people and tell an inspiring story. Showcasing real-life examples of what your customers have achieved will help inspire more businesses to follow the same path. 

Illustrated impact 

An impressive stat is only impressive if highlighted and communicated clearly. Visualizing and explaining the business impact beyond the success metrics is crucial to get BDM and managerial audiences’ attention.



At Wings4U, authenticity, quality excellence, and customer care are at the heart of all our customer advocacy endeavors. Our global artist network enables us to take the best practices from all over the globe and support our clients no matter where they are, so if you’d like to have a talk, send us a note today!

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