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Connection is Everything: Using Video to Build Lasting Relationships

w4u-videotrends-connection (1)To connect with customers today, you need to show, share and connect. Reveal your brand’s authenticity. Its impact. Tell its story in a way that resonates. But more than that, you need to understand that your audience craves engagement and immersion. You need insight into the background against which they consume content. So, in a time-pressed, digitally saturated world, how do you reach out and connect? Here are some tips, tricks and key considerations.

Your customers are starved for time

Your customers lead busy lives. Their inboxes overflow. They’re rushed on their commute. The result: every moment of their spare time is precious. And when they’re after a little down-time, they want to be entertained, immersed and engaged.

Knowing this enables you to craft the kind of content that your viewers want to watch, watch again and share.

The fog of digital advertising is real

Every day, we’re subject to thousands of marketing messages. Whether its online or via email advertising, television, radio or billboards, our brains are filled daily with company slogans, quips and promises.

And every day, more and more messages clog up our mental space.

So, in our age of digital hyper-saturation, how do you stand out?

Authenticity and engagement are key

In 2018 and beyond, the one-two punch of authenticity and engagement are poised as the foundations meaningful customer connection – vital factors in building lasting relationships with customers.

There’s enough glitz. Enough razzle dazzle. And audiences are getting wise to it. They want honesty, integrity, substance and openness – and they want to be wowed by it.

From the rise of consumer advocacy to ‘social proofing’ and consumers’ increasing ability to connect with brands across platforms, it’s honesty and openness that’ll build brand reputation from here on out.

Leverage the ancient practice of storytelling

Human beings have been sitting at the fireside for millennia, sharing their stories and experiences. Grandparents and parents share their tales with delight. Children feel compelled to show and share what’s going on in their world.

Daily, we wilfully plug in to stories – be it via film, television or in print – so that we can explore the experiences of others. Storytelling is one of our most deeply human traits. You always remember the stories that have touched you most.

Video is one of the best ways to tell any story.  

Make the most of genuine connections

When you watch a video, you have the opportunity to hear a story or message direct from the source – from real people, in their own words.

In a video marketing context, this can extend from interviews with a company’s founding members to testimonials from everyday people whose lives have been positively affected by a brand.

It’s real, and it connects

(Great) video absorbs and immerses

One of the major buzzwords in marketing today is immersion. As our technological capabilities have improved, so has our ability to create experiences so rich and interesting that they have the power to pull people from everyday life for a moment – and transport them to another world.

When it comes to digital marketing, no medium is as effective at this than video.

Video paints pictures and shows ideas in ways words can’t. Consider an in-depth look at a high-tech prototype, a close up of a smiling face, a walk-through of a fascinating production facility.

More than anything else, video is holistic – it weaves words, images, sound and a storyline into a singular seamless whole. And when done right, it has the power to connect more deeply than any other medium.

We’re changing how we consume content

The foundation of media consumption used to be the one-to-many paradigm of TV and broadcast radio, as well as posters and newspapers.

Now, everything has changed. For many of us, the majority of the content we consume is on our personal mobile devices. Moreover, it’s tailored to our specific tastes. This means there’s not only intense competition for attention on the small screen, but that bland, generic messaging has come to seem almost out of place. Today, it’s all about crafting unique, targeted messaging for select audiences – and connecting and building relationships along the way.


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