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Creative storytelling in customer evidence

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Customer evidence is at the intersection of all styles of stories: It is factual yet emotional, and reportive yet creative. In this article, we explore the intricate art of crafting compelling and authentic customer success stories, providing key pointers to enhance your storytelling prowess.


Crafting stories that resonate with your audience


Customer evidence is factual, yet emotional

Customer evidence is about humans going through challenges and successes. While it does reports on facts and showcases data points, it is also emotional by nature, as it’s told through the lens of the humans behind it.

And at the end of the day, we’ll much more easily remember what types of emotions a character went through over their journey, or how we felt when reading a story, rather than the data points mentioned across it. 

Customer evidence is reportive, yet creative

When you think of customer evidence, you may think: case studies, proof points, success metrics. 

But it’s really about telling a story. And storytelling is always a creative exercise, even when it’s real, authentic stories. And it’s always about your main character going through a new journey. 


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Highlighting your customer’s journey

Compelling business success stories don’t tell how a solution helped a customer, but what impact the customer could make in their business using that solution. These place your customer as the hero of their own journey.

And any hero’s journey would go through these steps: 

  1. We learn about the status quo, and why things need to change. It sets the scene and establishes the stakes. 
  2. The hero then takes action. A new path is chosen, things are put in motion.
  3. The hero faces challenges along the way, but overcomes them to finish on a victorious note that pays off all these efforts to arrive there. 
  4. The hero shares the lessons learned and talks about what’s coming next. 


Start transforming your stories now

No matter the subject at hand, think people first

→ Interview your customers and capture why it matters to them. 

Let your customer use their own voice

→ Be sure to include direct quotes, include personal anecdotes when you can. 

Don’t forget to provide context 

With practical examples, explain how things were done before vs now, and what’s the impact . 


For more insights on crafting powerful customer evidence or for support in creating stories that resonate with your audience, you can reach out to our team at Wings4U. We'd love to help elevate your storytelling and marketing strategies.


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