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Welcome to Miami

Remote work meeting


"Meet me in Miami". Were sweeter words ever spoken in the depths of the January freeze? I think not. Keep reading to hear a little more about perspective, remote work, and a life without borders. 

One of the questions that we get most often when we mention that we’re 100% remote is that of how we manage to build teams and relationships internally when our employees are based around the world? The truth is that it comes down to a few things:

  1. How well we use the technology tools so readily at our disposal

  2. That those who work with us take advantage of opportunities to connect - for both work and personal opportunities

  3. Our willingness to make the effort to succeed, together, rather than becoming isolated

Recently, I was lucky enough to meet up with Elif in Miami, which is incredible considering that she is based in Turkey and I am based in Spain. Today, I took a moment catch up and share our perspectives of what it was like to finally meet in person!



In February 2017, after working remotely with Wings4U for nearly 6 months, I was invited for a workshop in the Czech Republic. It was the first time ever that I met some of my team members in real life and in a city I had never been to before. I remember clearly that it was one of the most exciting and strange moments of my life. I had no idea how it would feel and if connecting in real life would be as easy as connecting in virtual life! It turned out to be a very memorable experience, and has initiated some long lasting friendships in my life. Since then, I’ve been jumping on any opportunity to meet my work friends in real life - especially now that I’ve had the chance to know them for a much longer time and truly value their friendships, even though I have not seen some in person so far.

We had been chatting about a weekend getaway with Francesca (and Agnieszka) in some place that would be middle-ground for all of us. But when it coincidentally happened that we would both be in Miami at the same time, we jumped at the chance to meet! It is a memorable meetup for me as it happened to be on my 30th birthday! :)

Elif in Miami



Miami is probably one of my favorite cities on the planet, so when Elif mentioned she would be there at the same as I would be in Florida already (I live in Spain normally), I jumped at the chance to connect in person! I mean, how often do two people who live in different countries happen to be in such close proximity? And really, the fact that our jobs are what enabled us to meet - while simultaneously also allowing us to “meet” without ever being in the same country is incredible. I’m happy to have finally been able to have her face-to-face and to see that the last 10 months of countless Skype conversations and emails have translated into what I find to be a friendship in addition to a working relationship. I’m excited to meet more of the team - in both our Skype and ‘real’ lives.


Francesca Wings4U working remotely


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