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Wings4U Embraces Cultural Diversity

Wings4U - Celebrating Diversities

In early 2018, we launched our new CARE initiative where we want to celebrate the unique and varied cultures of our network of collaborators, customers, and friends around the world. By doing so, we believe that we can not only build a sense of community, but also spread awareness and understanding about cultures that are new to us. 

We’re living in an interesting time in history. The world hasn’t changed size, and yet it has simultaneously grown bigger and smaller. Working 100% remotely with clients, artists, and teams all around the world has demonstrated to us the benefits and the challenges associated with this era and lifestyle. We find that one major advantage (amongst many others!) to such an arrangement is that it gives us the opportunity to come into contact with cultures and environments that we otherwise may not encounter in our daily lives.

To formally and thoroughly acknowledge these differences and to appreciate and understand them, we started the CARE initiative. 

CARE stands for 






As the name suggests, this initiative will be aimed at familiarizing ourselves with new cultures and celebrating the differences that make us unique. We already know that this is what empowers us to continue to build relationships and grow - despite geographical challenges that may have made it impossible in the past; so why not appreciate the cultures that have defined us?


How will we CARE


We build a global calendar of major cultural events and holidays based on input from our freelance network and employees. Some of the holidays that we’ll be celebrating in 2018 include Chinese New Year, Ramadan, Deepavali, to name a few. For each of these events, we’ll interview some of our team members and artists located in the region that celebrates it, highlighting details of the holiday, story behind it and how it’s celebrated there. We’re sending greeting cards to our clients and friends around the world that are designed by local artists familiar with the holiday. 

To stay in true remote fashion, whenever possible, someone within the W4U network who is based in that region will takeover our Instagram account and also share their experiences and perspective of the holiday through a blog post. We hope this way to get more than an outside perspective, and subsequently, to be able to enjoy a little bit of someone else’s culture... No matter how far away!


Want to join us and have your holiday celebrated?

Check it out here