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Christoph Müller-Stoffels

Content Marketing Consultant. Back in the Black Forest after five years in the Andes. Vegetarian, not vegan. (Who would want to live without cheese and chocolate?)

Recent Posts by Christoph Müller-Stoffels:

How to value your work as a freelancer

by Christoph Müller-Stoffels, on August 27, 2015

Let us begin with the truth. It is not easy to start as a freelancer. Don’t believe it if somebody tells you otherwise. Remember the time when you were an employee? You just had to focus on what your boss told you. Sure, your boss was also asking for results, but was that really that bad? 

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Stay focused: 8 solid basics to be productive as a freelancer

by Christoph Müller-Stoffels, on August 11, 2015

Topics: Productivity

You cannot imagine how long it took me to finally focus on writing this article. Really. First; I was switching on my computers (I need two for my different jobs). Two computers, fifteen things to check. On each of them. Social networks, email accounts (yes, I have more than one, and no, I still haven’t synced them all) plus the sports news of course. Sometimes I check the same news site on both computers which doesn’t make any sense. It’s become a routine that I haven’t broken yet.

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