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And If You Still Need Help To Get Focused…

Topics: Productivity

Several things can sabotage your concentration. If you want to change this, the first step is to figure what really steals your attention.

If you are not sure, try a time tracker like RescueTime: it tells you how much time you spend in a given app or on each website you visit. You’ll be surprised to discover how your day goes by.

My Experience with Daily Huddles

Topics: Productivity

We’ve been huddling for more than a year now at Wings4U. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a daily huddle is the act of gathering your team or entire company together for 15 minutes, every day. The purpose of a daily huddle is to align and maintain focus, to share priorities and clear blockers or issues that someone might be facing that day.

Like most of you, I detest meetings for the sake of meetings. I’d rather be doing something productive with my time.  

A Fascinating Way To Stop Procrastinating

Topics: Productivity

The power of comparison and contrast

In 1970, two psychologists, Tversky and Kahneman, discovered that reading numbers aloud to test subjects influenced their further numerical guesses as well as their behavior. In the experiment, the psychologists read the test subjects the number 65 and then asked them: “What percent of African countries are members of the UN?” People had to guess. The average of all responses was 45.

Time Planning In 4 Quadrants

Topics: Productivity

Time planning using a four-quadrant technique started around the 1950s, and is still one of the most useful organizational techniques in the world.

Four-quadrant time planning, or the so-called “Eisenhower Method,” teaches us one key thing: how to plan our time based on the importance and urgency of individual activities.

5+ Apps To Help You Concentrate. On Command.

Topics: Productivity

“I can’t work with music playing. I need complete silence.”

Yes, you’re right. Bad music distracts your mind. However, research by top psychologists shows that if you have the right “music” coming from your headphones, you can concentrate four times longer and more intensely.

Why Time Management Really Matters

Topics: Productivity

Some people claim to work 14 hours a day. But do they really? Let’s consider how much work really gets done.

This statement expresses well how time management can make a difference. Thinking about how you do things is nice, but thinking about what you’re doing can ultimately result in the difference between fulfiling your goals or not.

Online Productivity Tools And Apps -The Curated List

Topics: Productivity

With so many lists on the internet already, why would we create another? We know what works for us, but that might not be what you need.

Instead, we’ve curated a “list of lists” for productivity and time management tools.

You’re welcome.

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