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7 Ways to Promote B2B Success Stories

by Teena Jelsma, on December 15, 2015

Great customer success story – now what?

Whether your case study is in video form, or as an article, don’t leave them to collect dust on a website somewhere. Hard work went into publication of the stories containing all the juicy data your clients were willing to share. Now it’s time to amplify, to promote, to put up big arrows in the digital world that point back to your customer success stories. Here’s 7 ways to do just that. 
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How To Get Clients To Share Their Success Story

by Michele Hackshall, on December 2, 2015

Customer success stories are a vital part of B2B marketing. The testimony of a client to prospects and potential buyers is powerful when your solution is the answer to someone’s need. But what if the client is hesitant to participate?

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