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Liane Ng

APAC Global Accounts Manager

Recent Posts by Liane Ng:

How to Get Your Team on Board With Inbound Marketing

by Liane Ng, on January 5, 2017

Once you decide that inbound marketing is a good choice for your company, you may find it hard to get the buy-in from the rest of the team. Most non-marketers know only about traditional outbound methods, and it can be difficult to convince them to try something different. We offer some tips that may help you win over the rest of the team.

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5 B2B Marketing Tips From #Inbound16 That SaaS Businesses Can Apply Immediately

by Liane Ng, on December 14, 2016

If you were following #INBOUND16 on Twitter, you might think it was, as Ali Wong described it, “a rave for nerds”. No one would blame you. The Inbound 2016 conference in Boston had all the big names - Serena Williams, Reshma Saujani, Alec Baldwin, Trevor Noah, Ali Wong, Anna Kendrick and more. That was just the rave part. Obviously, the nerd part was a whole other brain party altogether.

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Is Inbound Marketing Right for my Business?

by Liane Ng, on December 6, 2016

In HubSpot’s survey, 73% of companies listed inbound as a primary approach to marketing, but is inbound really the best choice for every company? Wings4U has developed the STASIS check as a quick way to determine if inbound marketing is right for your business by considering six critical factors.

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Content marketing is evolving: Era of Video

by Liane Ng, on November 14, 2016

Content marketing strategies have evolved rapidly over the past years, and there is no question that we have stepped into the era of video as of 2016. Video is the most recent superstar among digital marketers and is expected to dominate this field in the near future according to industry experts and studies. While Syndacast expects 74% of all Internet traffic in 2017 to be from video, Cisco adds to this with a forecast that it will increase to 80% by 2019.

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How To Identify A Pain Point and Turn It Into An Opportunity

by Liane Ng, on October 17, 2016

One reason some businesses are more successful than others is because they find and connect with their target personas consistently. Their marketing and sales reach out to the right audience with higher purchasing potential, because the product or service offered connects with their needs – it addresses a pain point.

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